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Dual Systems

Integrated sensor systems with network ip control offer the best of both worlds for day/night , real-time survillance

Dual integrated sensor systems offer the best of both worlds for day/night, real-time surveillance. Employing 24/7, clear and accurate observation through difficult environmental challenges significantly enhances detection and appropriate response to potential threats. By integrating various sensors into your surveillance system increases the level of intelligence available to you.

GeminEye Modular Imaging System

The demand for high performance day/night security and surveillance is pressing for smaller, smarter, less expensive products. At the same time, the environments in which imaging products must function are increasingly hostile. Responding to this demand, Moog QuickSet developed the GeminEye modular imaging system. GeminEye not only embraces high performance imaging in a small package, it is designed to be configured for different sensor applications.

Based on our new QPT-LT dual side-mount positioner, the GeminEye® can be configured with single or dual camera blocks, for day, night or day/night surveillance capability including HD and megapixel configurations. Various wavelength band sensors and illuminator modules are available. In designing GeminEye®, Moog QuickSet queried its extensive customer base, formed over thirty years in the security industry, for a clean-sheet specification of all salient characteristics needed. As a system, GeminEye® is completely upgradable with swappable image blocks by the user in the field. Let the GeminEye® Surveillance System be a major part of your complete security solution.