About Us

Janus Corporation an Indigenous organisation established in 1997 by few Technocrats to offer the best and renowned quality multi Freq/ GNSS products and best of the security to the Indian Defense and Aerospace.

Our mission is to understand the fundamental needs of our clients, propose and provide pre-tested optimized solutions thus assisting our clients to locate the shortest and surest path to success.

With above mission in mind Janus works closely with the customers understanding their Technical requirements and try to provide them the best of the products/ solutions. Through these relationships, Janus has gained in-depth knowledge and insight into the customers’ working environments and an equally deep understanding of their challenges and needs.

Janus has its branches across the country in major cities/ metros like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Balasore etc. thus meeting the requirements of the following segments:

  • Space & Aviation
  • Defence
  • Nuclear
  • Research & Development Organizations
  • Automotive Industry
  • Janus also provides a complete range of services by leveraging expansion in core areas with strategic alliances with leading world’s technology providers. Among other services, Janus offers project feasible reports, application services, systems integration, product engineering, maintenance, re-engineering, independent testing, validation services and executes Annual Maintenance Contracts for various mission critical products supplied & installed and projects executed in the past.

    Janus network follows all over India through its valued customer’s network with over 100 satisfied customers in the Indian Defence, DRDO, Aerospace, Nuclear and Research Industry. Janus takes pride of having long-term customer relationships.

    Janus, in an endeavor to provide the best of its products in Multi GNSS and Satellite based Navigation system, have partnered with world best product developers for the following applications:

    Spirent Communications GPS/GNSS Simulation Systems, RF Record & Playback Systems and Interference Detection & Simulation Systems
    Septentrio Multi GNSS Receivers for UAV, Aircraft, Survey, GIS, Marine, Agriculture, Mining & Construction and Scientific Research.
    Oscilloquartz Cesium Frequency Standard for Telecom Networks, military and space applications; PTP/SyncE Solutions
    Brandywine Communications Precise Time & Frequency Solutions; GPS Disciplined and Atomic Clocks
    Navsync/ Connor Winfield MIL qualified Airborne GPS and DGPS receivers and Transceivers

    Janus believes in having the engineers’ factory trained as they want to give the best support to the customers to keep them satisfied. All our engineers are factory trained. We have separate groups for sales and support thus reducing the down time.

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