Government Services

Janus has a prestigious track record of providing high quality, reliable products that satisfy a variety of complex imaging, tracking and tactical requirements of the Indian space and defense market. Over the years, Janus has pioneered new uses of emerging unique technologies in a number of industries and applications.

We have been associated with Government of India and the Indian Research Community for more than 15 years with unmatched support and uncompromised quality of services.

Our expert consultation on scientific studies and processes provide key input into defining research parameters of emerging applications and product development in the Indian Space, Defence, R&D and Nuclear Industry in the varied verticals such as:

    • Navigational Satellite Simulation
    • Timing & Synchronization Systems
    • Doppler Radars
    • Airborne Technical Solutions
    • Naval Tactical Solutions
    • Range and Ballistics solutions
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Thermal Management
    • Aerodynamic Study
    • Underwater Videography and many more

Janus delivers integrated, flexible and resilient processes — across organizations and through global business partners – that enables customers to maximize the opportunities of an on-demand business environment.


Our expert and experienced engineers carry out installation of all type of systems provided by us, at customer’s desired location.


Janus provides complete system integration as per customer’s requirement. We customize products to provide business solution up to the customer satisfaction.


Janus also conducts Annual Maintenance Check (AMC) of the installed systems as per the contract. Hardware and application maintenance is critical to keep customer’s systems running. We provide 24×7 technical support services.


We offer a comprehensive range of services for penetrating the Indian defense and space market. These include advisory services, product potential, government relations and due diligence.

Telecom Services

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