Products & Platforms

Remaining reliable, efficient and at the forefront of technology, Janus has wide range of products catering to the Indian Defense, Aerospace, Nuclear and Research Industry.

Janus has a dominant presence in the Indian market with products ranging from,among many:

  • Navigation Simulators like GNSS Simulation Systems etc.
  • Optics related products and platforms like Thermal Imaging Systems, Particle Image Velocimetry, High Speed Video Cameras, Gimbals, Underwater Camera Systems, Radiation Tolerant Cameras, All types of lenses and Integration Solutions
  • Thermal Management Products like Diamond/AlOx/AlN Heat-sinks (heat-spreaders) for temperature critical applications, Thermal Blocks and Cores etc.
  • Tracking Solutions includes Pan & Tilt Positioners, Video Trackers, Doppler Radars etc.

We continue to represent some of the largest brands in the Indian Sub-continent. Some of the details are as follows:

  • M/s RP Optical Lab for Thermal Imaging Systems, Lenses for MWIR, SWIR and LWIR, Electro Optical Tracking System, Automtaci Video Tracking System etc.
  • M/s Terma for its Space related products like Star Trackers, Spacecraft Operational Simulators, Spacecraft Control & Test Systems etc.
  • M/s Oscilloquartz for Timing & Synchronization Systems.
  • M/s MOOG-Quickset for Rugged Pan & Tilt Positioners, Cameras & Surveillance systems, Durable Tripods & Advanced Controllers
  • M/s Spirent Communications for Navigation Simulation Systems like GNSS Simulation Systems etc.
  • M/s Diakont for Radiation Tolerant Cameras and related accessories
  • M/s Weibel Scientific for Doppler Radars, Tracking Radars
  • M/s SWE Systems for Gimbal Systems
  • M/s Mintres for Thermal Management Solutions like Diamond Heat-sinks, AlN Heat Spreaders etc.

Janus prides itself in being the market leader with an expertise to deliver the best possible solution to its customers while maintaining the unmatched standards and utmost commitment.