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Weibel Radars Applications


Weibel Radars can be used to measure flight, be it higher, faster, further. Whatever the conditions, our unique Doppler radar systems can measure the velocity, and dynamic behavior of one or several moving objects in real time – even when it involves space flight. Today Weibel radars are an important tool in ensuring astronaut safety by monitoring tiny pieces of foam or other debris during the launch and the shuttle’s flight through the atmosphere. The accuracy and precision of Weibel radars contribute actively to the prevention of a disaster like the Columbia accident in 2003. In addition to this life-saving work, our radars are involved in protecting the environment by tracking the position of fallen debris.


“Bring the radar to the test – not the test to the radar.” CEO and President Peder R. Pedersen.
A Weibel radar is a compact and mobile unit that combines high accuracy, small size, easy transportability, and high performance in all-weather conditions.
Whether in the laboratory or in the field, Weibel Doppler radars provide measurements of velocity, position, and flight behavior of all kinds of moving objects for scientific use and tactical purposes. Specifically, our radar systems allow for lot acceptance, research and development, and range safety. One of the world’s most precise radars has been tested by an archer at the Weibel Test Centre in Allerod. Click here to watch the video

Forensic Science

Weibel Scientific is adding to the increasing sophistication of forensic investigation through its radar technology. Today Weibel Doppler radars are helping police forces and forensic scientists study the dynamic behavior of fired projectiles. Specifically, the Weibel fixed-head Doppler radar enhances ballistic research by measuring the speed of a fired projectile through the entire trajectory.
By reconstructing shooting episodes, investigators can test if a bullet is lethal, as well as the extent of its penetrating/perforating capability. The Weibel Doppler radar has been used to answer questions such as:
Do shotgun pellets have enough energy after passing through a window to cause lethal wounding?
What is the velocity of a bullet at a distance greater than the shooting range?
Will the velocity of a ricochet be sufficient to penetrate/perforate other objects?
What is the velocity drop at the moment of ricochet?
Will the bullet remain stable or not?
All around the world, police forces are turning to Weibel Scientific for the latest in radar systems.

Leisure & Automotive

The Weibel radars have been making inroads into the leisure and transportation industries as major international companies are turning to Weibel Scientific for insight into product development. In its unique capability to measure velocity and track dynamic behavior, the Weibel Doppler radar has been assisting one of the world’s leading commercial airplane manufacturers. In addition, we are involved with car and vehicle testing. For example, the Weibel radars, which normally enable traffic surveillance, have been on site when Ferrari pushes the speed limits. From the race track to the golf course, our radars have also provided insight into the flight dynamics of golf balls, and likewise, initiated players into the secret flight dynamics of tennis balls.