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Symmetricom is now Microsemi and is the world’s leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies, instruments and solutions. We provide timekeeping in GPS satellites, national time references, and national power grids as well as in critical military and civilian networks, including those that enable next generation data, voice, mobile and video networks and services. Our product offering — among the industry’s broadest — includes atomic clocks, hydrogen masers, timescale systems, GPS instrumentation, synchronous supply units, standards-based clients and servers, performance measurement and management tools and embedded subsystems that generate, distribute and apply precise frequency and time. Symmetricom’s Communications Business Unit is the leading supplier of timing technologies for wireless, wireline and cable service providers and network equipment manufacturers. Our Government Business Unit provides timing technologies for global navigation, IT infrastructure, national time standards, and for a wide range of time-critical defense and aerospace applications.

GPS & Time Code Instrumentation

Microsemi has been providing Timing and Synchronization solutions for communications and satellite and ground based instrumentation from the beginning of the GPS program. Their time and frequency generators, receivers, and other GPS related instrumentation, were the early adopters of the GPS technology at its inception, and furthered its reliance on the GPS program as it grew to full operation with satellites hovering 20,000 plus kilometers over the earth.

Time & Frequency Distribution

Coupled with Microsemi’s GPS receivers, frequency standards and oscillators, our time and frequency modules are extremely effective solutions to distribute signals and generate all rates needed for today’s complex communication systems, satellite earth stations, test facilities and engineering laboratories.

Network Timing

Microsemi offers the first comprehensive network time synchronization solutions that are ready for Next Generation Networks. These solutions are critical for network security, server log file accuracy, billing systems, electronic transactions, database integrity, software development, and many more essential applications.

Precision Frequency References

Microsemi designs, manufactures and markets hydrogen, cesium and rubidium standards, and quartz oscillators in numerous configurations for multiple markets and applications.

These products are the result of many years of research and development performed in the areas of atomic physics, electronics engineering and software design.

Bus Level Timing

Microsemi ‘s time and frequency processor modules provide precise, versatile, and dependable timing for bus level integrated systems.These modules allow the capability to customize your systems with interrupt driven algorithms, satisfying most timing requirements.

Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Test Sets

Microsemi ‘s state-of-the-art phase noise and Allan deviation (ADEV) test sets enable customers to make accurate measurements between 1 – 30MHz quickly and easily. These test sets eliminate the complications of measurement calibration and offer a simple one box solution to characterize even the lowest noise references more accurately than ever before.

Cesium Frequency Standard

Microsemi makes a number of cesium beam frequency and time standard instruments for commercial, military and space applications and designs and manufacturers the cesium beam clocks for the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

Rubidium Frequency Standard

Microsemi manufactures rubidium gas cell frequency standards for various applications including digital network timing, navigation timing, secure tactical communications and secondary references for manufacturing, simulators and GPS receivers.

Quartz Frequency Standard

Microsemi manufactures low noise quartz oscillators for high stability and precision for instrumentation and satellite applications. Our quartz products provide superior spectral purity and short-term frequency stability.

Hybrid Space Crystal Oscillators

The 9900 series of hybrid space crystal oscillators are comprised of simple clock oscillators (XO), voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VXCO) and higher performance temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO).

QUANTUM™ Atomic Oscillators

Microsemi leads the industry in precision timekeeping with the invention of the world’s first miniature and chip scale atomic clocks. The QUANTUM™ family of atomic oscillators offers best-in-class stability, size, weight and power consumption, making them suitable for a variety of applications ranging from telecom networks to aerospace & defense. The QUANTUM family comprises two product lines: the SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC), and the SA.3xm series of miniature atomic clocks.