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Mintres can offer its customers a wide range of products and services based around diamond and other high performance ceramics.
Our specialty is co-development of a product with a customer and then taking it to high volume production although production to drawing is also possible.
Mintres BV has more than 100 years accumulated experience in the field of ceramic processing and its workforce has developed many advanced processing techniques and authored many patents.Mintres BV currently works with diamond, aluminium nitride (AlN) and aluminium oxide (AlOx) and supplies the electronics and opto-electronics industries and research institutions, the high energy physics and other scientific communities, the flat panel screen industry and the surgical instruments industry.Mintres BV has a wide variety of processes in-house that it uses to process ceramics– YAG and UV lasering, metal and dielectric thin layer sputter deposition, photolithography, wafer sawing, RIE (reactive ion etching) and ion beam processing, metal plating together with the relevant metrology systems for process monitoring and product testing.

Mintres BV has the following main product lines:

    • Thermal management products
    • Diamond surgical blades
    • Consultancy
    • (Opto)-electronics optical beds/packages
    • Ceramic components for use in science and development
    • Processing and deposition services