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Spirent Communications provides full range of test capabilities for navigation and positioning technologies. Spirent offers full GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) constellation+ simulation capabilities, including: GPS + Galileo + GLONASS + SBAS + RF Interference.

A GNSS simulator provides an effective and efficient means of testing GNSS receivers and the systems that rely on them. A GNSS simulator provides control over the signals generated by GNSS constellations and over the global test environment all within a box, so that testing can be conducted in controlled laboratory conditions. GNSS simulators generate the same kinds of signals transmitted by GNSS satellites, thus GNSS receivers process the simulated signals in exactly the same way as signals from actual satellites.

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is a general term for a system that provides navigation and other services to users worldwide. Each GNSS employs a constellation of satellites, which broadcasts signals processed by GNSS receivers to determine location, speed, and time for users anywhere in the world.

Multi-GNSS simulation is the emulation, in the laboratory, of the environment under which a GNSS receiver operates. A Spirent Multi-GNSS simulator reproduces the environment of a GNSS receiver on a dynamic platform by modelling vehicle and satellite motion, signal characteristics, atmospheric and other effects, causing the Multi-GNSS receiver to actually navigate according to the parameters of the test scenario.

GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite System(s), is a general term for satellite constellation(s) that provides navigation and other services to users worldwide. Examples of GNSS in operation or being developed include GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (EU) and BeiDou (PR China). A GNSS receiver will process these simulated signals in exactly the same way as it would those from actual GNSS satellites.


    • The GSS8000 Multi-GNSS Constellation Simulator provides GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, BeiDou-2 and Galileo signals. GPS configurations can also support QZSS and SBAS. Classified signals and various options are also available.
    • The GSS6700 Multi-GNSS Simulation System offers multiple channels of GPS/SBAS, GLONASS, Galileo L1 and BeiDou-2 signals.
    • The GSS6300 Multi-GNSS Signal Generator provides a single channel of GPS/SBAS, GLONASS and/or BeiDou-2 and/or Galileo L1 signals for production testing of commercial GNSS receivers.

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